Floating to Friday

The work day has come and gone, but the “work day” at home still remains.  The kids are still playing and right now, they are making a lot of noise.  I am super happy they are playing together without arguing, but  they are in the “silly” zone and not listening very well.

Tomorrow is hump day, and it seems as though Friday is a long ways away.  Work is busier than ever with no relief in site.  So, I can either complain about it and dread each and every day, or I can be thankful to have a job and money in the bank account. It is part of those things we call “choices” in life.

This is my first blog and it will take me a little while to get in the groove of things and really share my story and my feelings.  I am excited for this journey and opportunity to open the window for others to peak inside my life.  Through the Lord, I have overcome many obstacles in my life and learned greatly through it all.

For now, I am just ready to “float to Friday”.  The weekend is just around the corner and I really enjoy time off with the family.  The remainder of the week will probably be more like flopping in the water, splashing, and swallowing water along the way rather than “floating”.  Yet, I have a good feeling about the rest of the week.  I trust in the Lord my God to lead me down the right paths.

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