It’s Red Today

Have you ever had a day where you were just ready for a change?  I think almost all women have experienced this and the change often happens to the hair.  Well that is exactly what happened to me today.  I have been thinking about coloring my hair a strawberry blond or light auburn red for a few months now.  Today was the day.  I decided that I was going to make it happen.  I went to the dollar store after work and picked up a box of hair dye.  I was overcome with the feeling of excitement for “change” and just impulsively made the purchase.

Once I got home and pulled out the box, I begin to second guess the purchase.  Did I really want red hair?  Was I going to be able to color my hair without creating a mess.  Would I be sorry tomorrow when it was time to go to work with this new red hair?  I decided I would wait until tomorrow night to color my hair so I would have time to think about it.  I got the kids all tucked into bed and told them a few stories.

By the time I finished with the stories, I had the feeling of excitement again and wanted to color my hair tonight.  Before I could change my mind, I was in the bathroom with my towel around my neck and the gloves on my hand.  No backing out now.  The color was already mixed and ready to be applied.  I started putting this in my hair and almost immediately started wishing I would have waited.  Did I get the right color?  Was I going to look like a big orange carrot.

Most of you probably know that once the hair color starts activating on your hair, it is very difficult to determine what the color is actually going to look like.  Your scalp starts turning colors along with the sides of your face.  The color you see is not typically the color your hair will end up being, but it is a scary 25 minutes.  I kept looking in the mirror and praying that this color would look good with my skin and that I would not do anything to ruin the coloring.

Time was up and my hair was ready for the rinse and conditioner.  When getting out of the shower, I always peak at my hair and because it is wet, I still cannot tell what color this is going to come out.  I anxiously dried my hair with the hair dryer.  Thank the Lord, my hair turned out well.  I actually like the color and I am very pleased.

In life, we often are anxious for changes.  The changes may be scary and they may not always look like the best choice.  However, once we have prayed and gotten our direction from God, there should be no fear and no turning back.  We have to hold on to the end to see the results of God’s instructions.  Sometimes in the middle of the changes, we may look at the work in progress and think that it is not going to turn out well.  But we must wait for God’s timing for the completion and the unveiling of the beauty and wonder of His decisions.  Hang in there.  It will all work out if you leave it in God’s hands.  A new color hair for me tonight?  Red.  What change does God have in store for you?  Are you ready to follow his instructions and make the changes?

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