Life Is A Gift

Live your life as though it is a gift.  A gift that is more treasured than gold or silver.  Life is not promised and every day we wake up to take another breath of air, we should be thankful.  The land of the living on earth is not to be taken lightly.  We can be here one day and gone the next, but right now we are HERE.  Hug the ones you love. Pray for those that hate you.  We get only one shot at this life and there is no “replay”.  Moments wasted hating, complaining and looking at our phones will never be regained.

I can remember times in my life that I just wanted time to speed up and pass by.  I was miserable in my life and just wanted out.  I spent so much of my energy worrying and fretting that I didn’t enjoy what was right in front of my face.  My precious children, 4 of them surrounding me, but I couldn’t really see them.  They were there and I loved them, but I had nothing special to offer.  I could only help them “survive”.  Those times are now in the past and life is a much happier place for me and my children.  Yet, I can’t help wondering what I missed during that time.  When my children had special moments in their life, did I notice it?  Do I remember all the good memories or did I focus so much on the misery that I lost out on fun times?

EVERY day is a gift from God our Father.  He created us and gave us the gift of life and loved ones to live that life with.  Count your blessings and live every day as a gift.  Trust in God and slow down enough to enjoy the sweetness of life.

Full Rainbow
Full Rainbow in Front of Our House – Another Gift from God

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