Why Do We Worry?

The wrinkles in the middle of my forehead are very noticeable from a habit called “worrying”.  Over the years, I have always been told by many people, “Don’t worry, everything will be okay.”  Yet, everything was not always okay. Twenty years of my life was as if I was riding a giant roller coaster with extremely steep uphill climbs and very steady, steep drops.  How could I stop this action of worrying when my life was in so much turmoil? 

I would first need to determine the definition of “worry”.  What does it really mean?  Paraphrasing from the definition the word means to be in a state of anxiety over actual or potential problems.  This state of anxiety is where my mind would always dwell.  If I did not have immediate problems in my life, I would ponder on potential issues.  “What if” scenarios would always play out in my mind like a movie.  The uncertainty of any situation would always trigger my thoughts into a spinning motion.  Could I avoid the situation if I only worried about the problem long enough?

The answer is “no”. We cannot change our current or potential situations by worrying or fretting.  Quite often this causes our situations to become worse.  There are many circumstances in life that we have absolutely no control over.  It does not matter what we do, the situation will have negative consequences.  How we react and handle those situations is something we can control.  It is far more effective to create a plan for how to react when mishap occurs than to worry about it before it happens.  This action must be practiced, especially if you have been a worrier for many years.  The new modified behavior will not happen overnight.  It will take hard work and effort to train yourself to make the transformation.

In the Bible, the book of Matthew has some scriptures that give us advise on controlling our anxiety.  Basically,the Bible states that we should not worry about situations in our life.  God feeds the birds and clothes the flowers.  He takes care of His creation which includes each one of us.  If we seek God first, everything else will take care of itself. 

When life is stressful, we need to remember these words of advice and trust in the Lord to get us through life’s tough times.  We worry because we rely on our own abilities to keep our lives happy.  Once we turn that over to God, we can make the change and accept peace.

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