Angels to Monsters in Just Hours

You look at your beautiful child sleeping and kiss them on the forehead. Nothing could make you happier than that little angel. You feel so blessed to have such a sweet child and will love them forever, no matter what.

Yet, the next day, you can’t fight off the urge to scream at the top of your lungs at them. They are no longer the sweet little angel you adored so much the night before. They are now screaming at the top of their lungs and refusing to get dressed. The feeling toward this child has changed dramatically from just last night until this morning. How could such a sweet loving child turn into such a little monster?

These are feelings that every parent has had to deal with on a regular basis. Our children can please us more than anyone, but can also upset us more than anyone as well. How do we work through these emotions and avoid saying and doing things we shouldn’t? It is such a fine line when trying to discipline our children and still show them how much we care. It is much easier to look at these situations from the outside and give advise on what should be done. But when you are the one in the situation, it is never that easy.

Remember that God gave children parents to love and train them. If children were born ready to take care of themselves and fully matured, they would not need us. Focus on the fact that your children need you, and every one of these difficult moments is a chance to teach your child and direct them. When in the heat of conflict, this is very difficult to remember. Just tonight before blogging, my daughter and I got into a heated conflict. She was mad, and then I became mad and we both let our anger get the best of us.

We hugged it all out before bedtime, but did I teach my child anything from the situation? It is hard to determine as I also got frustrated and yelled. We are never perfect as parents and we will make mistakes. It is whether or not we learn from the mistakes to better ourselves and our families. Focus on the positive and never give up. Your children will eventually grow up and move away. These moments now are the moments that will stay with your children forever and shape them into the people they will become.

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