Vacation Every Day

During a stressful, routine week you might catch your co-worker expressing that they must take a trip to the beach. Maybe they want to go fishing or visit the Rocky Mountains. That is their getaway place. The place to remove themselves from their routine lives and take a mental break from reality. Most everyone has this special place as a vision in their mind. When they think of this place, they become relaxed and the stress melts away.

However, if we really think about it, is it the place that makes us happy, or is something else? What about this special place makes us so happy? Is it the place, or the absence of regular responsibilities and duties? Most likely, it is the absence of the duties and stress of the real world. If you made this destination your home, would you feel the same way about it? If you lived on the beach and were still employed at the same job, with the same responsibilities, would you still love the beach as much? Chances are that after some time, the newness of the beach life would fade away and the beach would no longer be your fantasy destination.

Maybe, we can visit this destination of peace and happiness without going anywhere at all. Could it be possible to take a break from mental and physical stress without going to a special destination? God is our refuge and our strength. If we trust in God and place our burdens on Jesus as we are instructed, we have the ability to be happy anywhere. Being with and spending time with our Lord Jesus Christ should be our happy place. No matter where we are, we can release the stress and have a peace within our heart.

So next time you are at work and think that you just can’t wait to go on your next vacation, remember that you could have a getaway everyday. You can choose to place those burdens and stress on the Lord, and allow peace in your life.

So where is your favorite place to vacation? Is it the beach, the mountains, the desert? Comment and let me know. I don’t really have a favorite vacation spot, but just love traveling with my family. My fiance and I are trying to decide on a destination for our honeymoon next year. Comment any great places you have visited that we might enjoy.


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