Our Baker

When a baker decides to cook a batch of sugar cookies, he often uses a cookie cutter to make sure every cookie follows the same pattern.  The ability to make the cookies look identical and constant is a desired quality.  However, I can honestly say I am glad that God didn’t use that same method with His creation.  Being different is what makes each one of us special and unique.  Some of us are skinny, and some of us, not so much.  Some people are tall, while some are short.  Our personalities vary to include funny, smart, reserved and quiet.  But each one of us are created in the pattern that God selected.

This is not a new-fangled concept we are just discovering.  When we were young children, we were told that Jesus loves us all and that we are all created diversely.   But, do we take the time to appreciate those variances among people and understand the beauty of them? 

Have you ever met a person and said, “They are a little on the different side.”?  Sometimes we just can’t get past their eccentricity to admire their true unique traits.  Our instinct to be fond of people similar to us kicks in and we automatically put up a wall to shut out the “weird”. 

Next time you meet someone that may be very different from you, take the time to remember that God had a special cookie cutter for that person.  It was shaped and molded for that person.  Life did make some alterations to that person, but ultimately, they are in the form God created.  Take time to seek the valuable qualities in that person and enjoy their individuality.  Never be afraid to be the person God created you to be.  You may not fit into the pattern of all the other “cookies”, but you were made distinctly by God to serve His purpose in life.

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