The Never Ending Love of a Mother

In her arms, she holds a blessing from God, a very special gift.

A precious baby she dreamed of holding from the time she was just a girl.

Her baby now a child, and when she is troubled her mother comes to her rescue each and every time.

She comforts her like only a mom could as she brushes through her baby’s curls.

Her love means sacrifice with 24- hour cooking and cleaning services and many sleepless nights.

These sacrifices are not important to her as she would sacrifice her own life.

Her child is now a teenager and barely speaks to her except to fight.

They do not see eye to eye, but her unconditional love remains strong and never fades.

Her child is now married and has a child of her own, but she is still just a baby in her mother’s eyes.

She is proud of the woman her baby has grown up to be and her love is just a strong now as ever.

Mother is now growing old and her vision is weak, but she still recognizes her baby’s sweet face.

Her child now comforts her as only a child could as she brushes through her curls.

Their time together is coming to an end, but they are grateful for the time they have had to spend.

They will be reunited in heaven one glorious day when they meet God the Father, in heaven.

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