Full of Faith

How do you fill your glass with faith and transform into a faithful person?

First, we must define what faithful means. This does not merely mean that you have faith, but that you are full of faith. When a glass is full of water, there cannot be any more water poured into it. To be faithful, you are so full of faith that you cannot have any more faith added. We need to remember that when we use this word, “faithful”. This is very powerful expression and should not to be used casually.

How do you fill your glass full of faith? Faith is the complete trust or confidence in something or someone. We must completely trust in our God the Father and have faith that our prayers will be answered.

We can start filling our glass full of faith by practicing acts of the fruits of the spirit. Every time we participate in love, patience, humbleness, peace and gentleness we start filling our glass with faith. When we act upon the works of the flesh and lie, steal, gossip, and have envy, we start emptying our glass of faith.

What are you doing to fill your glass full of faith? Are you letting the world drag you into the flesh and empty your glass?

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